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Empirical Leanings

By now every developer must have read through Michael Sippey’s blog post at Twitter on upcoming changes to the Twitter API. And yes, it will affect us at and as it will affect everyone in the Twitter ecosystem. The furore though is interesting and certainly shows that there is a need and a want for an independent, not-for-profit microblogging platform managed at scale, the question is can it gain the traction enough to ever supplant Twitter.

First, let’s examine the changes and how they affect our services at Empire Avenue and GamrCred. Authenticated requests are already the norm for both Empire Avenue and GamrCred when it comes to Twitter, so there’s not much in the way of change. However, this does seem that if we wanted to look at public data, we are now going to have to pay for tweets through one of Twitter’s providers, Gnip or

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