Decided to share an promote immediately – I usually put such things in a to do pile !

Slavica Bogdanov

I call it the pile of dishes syndrome. There is something most people do, as a habit which will reinforce your procrastinating. By changing that small brain habit, you can make a big difference in your life. I will share a secret that helped me finish a Master’s degree in History while, also having a semi-full time job and a weekly radio show as a book critique.

I will explain this profound useful way of changing a habit forever with this comparison.

For a lot of people, I presume, doing dishes or laundry, is something they do not like doing. I believe that is why we invented machines to do it instead of us.

One dish: many dishes

When you see a couple of plates to be washed and you do not feel like washing them, you will repeat to yourself many times : “I need to wash the dishes” or…

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