Samsung boosts its mobile ecosystem with mSpot purchase

Building the ESSENTIAL eco system to move out of gadget land


Samsung announced on Wednesday that it has acquired mSpot, a cloud-based content company formed in 2004. Until now, mSpot offered music storage with streaming playback, including song lyrics, and also movie rentals for various mobile platforms. There’s no indication if mSpot will continue to support iOS(s aapl) and BlackBerry (s rimm) devices.

Currently mSpot’s movie rentals are available on either the day of or the day after the DVD release; Samsung already has its own media hub for movies but it doesn’t have a digital media locker solution of its own. Instead, Android owners of Samsung handsets are likely using Google Music(s goog) or the Amazon MP3(s amzn) player app for online storage of tunes. Indeed, Samsung had to partner with Dropbox for cloud storage on the new Galaxy S III handset; offering 50 GB of free space with the phone purchase.

Samsung highlighted the various new options…

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