Curious – more and more connecting points beginning to appear about the need for increased granularity in the networks

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Good or bad.   Right or wrong.  Black or white.  Sometimes it seems to me that far too many of us far too often think in terms of absolutes that really don’t apply.   Computers are really good at keeping track of numbers.   And the fact is that most numbers can be managed or manipulated.   Humans, by contrast,  are much better at judging subtleties and placing information in context.

And yet so many times,  we humans just get it flat wrong.    And so it seems to me that if one is doing social networking,   one is probably better off establishing some rules,  so as to keep one’s networking effective.     At this point,   Facebook is pretty much my main networking site.   If we are connected at all,   I want us to be connected on Facebook.     I downloaded a great little Chrome…

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