It’s an old post – but wanted to share – because this term is something I am writing about at this very minute


Looking at the numbers, it’s difficult to argue that the iPad is anything less than a success for Apple(s aapl). The company sold more iPads — 15.4 million — than any traditional computer maker sold PCs in the final quarter of 2011. What is debatable, however, is whether the iPad will take us to the “post-PC” era, as Apple calls it. A former Apple director of 10 years suggests that the PC isn’t going away, agreeing with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, who recently said the same.

So why the recurring mention of that pesky “post-PC” phrase, then? Michael Mace, who also worked as a VP for Palm(s hpq) after his Apple days, made the observation on his personal blog:

I’m sure I’ll get some push-back from people who disagree, but I think the whole ‘PC era’ meme from Apple is self-serving hype.  Of course they want to convince…

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