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Top Social Media Tips - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Blogging, LinkedInIntroduction

Top Social Media Tips is a weekly post of useful Social Media Tips from Social Media users around the world.

These tips are meant to help you improve your Social Media presence by picking up news tips every week.

We hope you find the tips useful. Please let each contributor know what you think about their tips.

Top Social Media Tips by Kirbi Fagan

Tip 1: Be authentic! Understand what each platform offers and write original posts or updates for each social website. Linking multiple accounts or automating can become repetitive and uninteresting.

Benefit: An original post strengthens the interest of your audience. This will also extend the amount of time your audience spends on your website and profiles.

Tip 2: It’s about them, not you! Know whom you are speaking to and always offer your audience consistent, rich content. It’s better to post less than…

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